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About Me

The first dog I ever loved was Louie - and he wasn't even mine!  Though I didn't grow up with pets, I learned to live vicariously through the wonderful families I've petsat for throughout the years.  For over a decade, I've amassed several clients - often through the recommendation of others.  And I've even managed to adopt my own four-legged family members!

Meet Bob!

She's a lady cat but her name is Bob.  That's how she came to me and that's how she'll stay!  Adopted in June of 2015, she's a munchkin cat and a bit of a diva.  But she'll indulge in some cuddle time, especially if there are treats involved!

Meet Bam Bam!

Born on Halloween 2016 and adopted the following January, this blind pitbull terrier mix (and expert cuddler!) is the biggest goofball you'll ever come across.  Far from disabled, he can play with the best of them including a modified version of fetch!